2017 Candlelight Remembrance Service

Our 2017 Candlelight Remembrance Service was held on Wednesday evening, December 13th.  Braving the bitter cold and fierce chilling winds, an impressive number of people chose to join us to remember their lost loved ones and to focus on the love and life they knew. Christmas is often associated with gift-giving, therefore, during this Service, we focused on the gifts of joy, laughter, companionship, safety and love that our deceased have left us. We remembered the moments that grief cannot destroy.
Finally, as each candle was lit in remembrance of our loved ones, their light shone bright. And all of these lights shining together gave us a sense of the powerful presence those we cherished still have in our lives.

“Such a small little light the candle made
Until I realized how much, in darkness, it lit the way.”

Many thanks to all who played a major role in the success of this evening:

  • Knox-St-Paul’s United Church – for hosting our Service
  • Pastor Donald & his wife Pam – for their touching renditions of comforting songs & music
  • The United Church Women – for providing the refreshments
  • Debbie – for set-up assistance
  • Donald – for sharing his personal grief journey after the loss of his mother and coping skills to adjust to the loss.
  • B.F.O. Staff, Facilitators, Board members, Fundraising Committee Members & Volunteers – for their quiet presence, their participation and their availability to our guests.

“I will listen to your song
Forever in my heart”

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