A Christmas Message

The hustle and bustle, all the bright lights, the gift-buying and baking expected during the Holiday Season can be overwhelming and excruciating for those who have lost a loved one. Many people want this time of year to be over before it even begins. Some experience severe anxiety and even depression during this season that is intended to be Merry, Joyful and Happy…for most of us.
At Bereaved Families, we know that this season can be the most challenging time of the year for those who are grieving. We invite you to join our Memorial Events or to check some of the resources listed on our website to find some coping strategies. You may also contact our office for support.
All members of our team wish you as Merry a Christmas as is possible as you navigate through your grief process. May you find the strength to be kind to yourself and may you be blessed with empathetic, understanding and compassionate family members and friends who will journey with you. May you also find peace in your heart!

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