Summary of Family Day Extravaganza 2018

At Bereaved Families, we support children as young as 4 years old, teens and adults. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to have a special day dedicated to FAMILIES. What more appropriate day than FAMILY DAY. Our first Family Day Extravaganza far exceeded the organizing committee’s expectations. It was heartwarming to see […]

Families Torn by Mental Illness: Shental, Haiden & Emily

Shental: As a very young mom of a 2-year old boy, Shental lost her husband when he was killed in a car accident. Several years later, she remarried and had a baby girl. Life became challenging for all when her second husband was diagnosed with a mental illness. He later committed suicide. These unfathomable losses […]

Appreciating the Final Donation for 2017

Bereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall has found tremendous support throughout 2017. We are grateful for all partnerships created and all donations received in the last year. On Friday, December 29th, our newest partnership has been confirmed with a very generous donation. Seen in the picture is Gisèle Roy accepting two cheques from Satyendra Singh, owner of […]