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The Annual General Meeting of Bereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall was held on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017. There were 26 people in attendance. The meeting was chaired by the Board of Directors President, Francis Rounding.

The Programs & Services Report was presented by Gisèle Roy. She indicated that in 2016, all the Programs and Services have been reinstated and have helped many clients in their grief journey. She pointed out that the “In-Kind Support Hours” have increased by 70% from 2015, which accounts for the possibility of offering so many Support Groups, “One-on-One” Support Sessions and all other services. Attendance at our Memorial events has also increased in 2016. Gisèle noted that visits to our website and Facebook page have increased by at least 75% from 2015. In summary, 2016 has been a truly successful year for our agency.

Our Accountant, Andrew Shannon provided an overview of Bereaved Families Financial Review Report. He was impressed at how the agency had done so much more work, with so much less revenues, having lost a significant source of revenue in 2016. He also advised us to focus on raising funds this coming year so that we could have money set aside, to avoid a financial crisis in the future.

Francis then informed those in attendance that a Fundraising Committee had been established in February 2017 and introduced the members of this new committee who were in attendance. He proceeded to explain many of the attempts undertaken in the last month to reach out for funding and all the helpful and enthusiastic individuals we had met…people who believe in the mandate of Bereaved Families.

The final item on the agenda was our Guest Speaker, Barry MacDonald. Barry has been with Bereaved Families for a long time…as a client, a Facilitator and a Board Member. He opened his presentation by bringing to the forefront the “big news” of this last week…Prince Harry’s interviews with the British Press about his struggles after the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, 20 years ago. The prince encourages people to reach out and express their grief, to seek out Grief Support and not fear the stigma that society may attach to grief. What a perfect way to present the value of the work we do at Bereaved Families!

Barry clarified our Mission Statement:
“We are the bereaved helping the bereaved learn to live with grief”
and expressed how this statement applied to his personal grief journey.

We thank everyone who took the time out of their busy schedule to attend the Annual General Meeting. It demonstrates interest in our agency’s past, present and future!

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