Annual General Meeting 2019 Posted May 9, 2019 by bfocornwall


On Wednesday, May 8th, Bereaved Families of Ontario-Cornwall held its final Annual General Meeting. The office will close permanently on May 31st.

Guests in attendance were saddened about the lack of financial support being the  reason for the closure of our office, but we all focused on Bereaved Families’ worthy contribution to members of the community for the last 33 ½ years. A countless number of people have received Grief Support and have transformed their life into a life still worth living, even after the loss of their loved one. They have found compassion, empathy and hope from our Programs and Services.

We offered special recognition to the GHOST WALK FOR CHARITY for their generous support for two consecutive years. In 2018, they were the only source of significant revenue for our agency. Their total contribution for 2017 & 2018 provided the funding to offer 11 Closed Adult Support Groups. These Groups have transformed many lives in our area.

We expressed gratitude and appreciation to staff, facilitators, volunteers and Board members who gave their heart to this agency over the years.

To all our clients who trusted us, staff and facilitators, with their deepest sorrows at the worst time of their life, we want you to know that our lives have also been enriched in meeting you and sharing your grief journey. May your cherished memories of your loved one bring you peace and comfort!

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