Building Resilience



Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Location: Billy Gibby Arena, 170 McDonald Boulevard, Alexandria ON

A Seminar for Those on the Front Line

Featuring Crisis & Trauma expert, Melanie Willard, this presentation is exclusively for professionals who deal with human tradgedy everyday: police, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, teachers, clergy and funeral directors… and their families.

When you attend, you’ll learn proven strategies for increasing your resiliency and counteracting job-related stress, including:

  • Coping with burnout and compassion fatigue
  • The power of empathy and intuition
  • PTSD: signs and symptoms
  • Taking care of yourself

RSVP: (613) 525-2772

Presented as a community service by:

Munro & Morris Funeral Homes

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