Families Torn by Mental Illness: Annette

Annette lost her son to suicide. He suffered with a mental illness for many years. As a Mom, Annette did everything she could to help her son, to reach out for services. But the illness was stronger and that unthinkable day came when she received the call that no parent ever wants to get.
Annette is a strong advocate for bringing awareness about mental illness to the forefront. In her words: “If I could save ONE person from living through this unimaginable loss, my efforts will not have been in vain”.

As the Bell Let’s Talk campaign takes root, Bereaved Families offers an insight on two families who lost a loved one to suicide due to a mental illness. Hear their stories and witness their grief.
We invite everyone to participate, in some way, in this campaign to bring awareness of the serious issues that affect the whole family of an individual who struggles with a mental illness.

For each person who is grieving the death of a loved one, due to a mental health issue, Bereaved Families can accompany you through your grief journey. Let’s talk about the complexities of your loss…any day of the year.

 Please call our office at 613-936-1455 or check our website for information on our Programs & Services.

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