Families Torn by Mental Illness: Shental, Haiden & Emily

Shental: As a very young mom of a 2-year old boy, Shental lost her husband when he was killed in a car accident. Several years later, she remarried and had a baby girl. Life became challenging for all when her second husband was diagnosed with a mental illness. He later committed suicide.
These unfathomable losses have left the family in complete turmoil. They have reached out to Bereaved Families for help.

Haiden: Haiden lost his dad in a car accident when he was two years old. He did not know his dad very well, but the sense of loss is still with him. Years later, he learned to love his step-father, only to lose him to suicide. “Devastated” does not begin to describe how he is feeling.

Emily: Not yet 5 years old, “Daddy”s Little Girl” lost her father by suicide. She feels the void intensely and misses him so much!

As the Bell Let’s Talk campaign takes root, Bereaved Families offers an insight on two families who lost a loved one to suicide due to a mental illness. Hear their stories and witness their grief.
We invite everyone to participate, in some way, in this campaign to bring awareness of the serious issues that affect the whole family of an individual who struggles with a mental illness.

For each person who is grieving the death of a loved one, due to a mental health issue, Bereaved Families can accompany you through your grief journey. Let’s talk about the complexities of your loss…any day of the year.

 Please call our office at 613-936-1455 or check our website for information on our Programs & Services.

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