Spouse or Partner Loss

Most prominent needs expressed by spouses and partners who have lost their mates as they pass through the various phases of the grief process:

  • I need to be with others who know what I’m feeling
  • I need help in accepting the loss I have experienced
  • I need strength to deal with my present situation
  • I need to share how I feel about why my spouse died
  • I need help to learn to live with my hurt
  • I need someone to care about me so that I do not feel so alone
  • I need others who know what I’m feeling and who are willing to listen
  • I need to discuss and set new values for my life
  • I need to learn how to express my true feelings to people close to me
  • I need emotional support
  • I need to deal with the loneliness
  • I need to improve communication with my family
  • I need to find more constructive ways to live with my sorrow
  • I need to understand some of my feelings of helplessness and loss
  • I need support as I attempt to deal with the emotional impact of death
  • I need to understand me
  • I need a safe place to share personal thoughts about my spouse
  • I need a safe place to just talk about everything
  • I need someone who will listen

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